Welcome to NDPHaware and we’re glad you found your way to our forum. This forum is an open and safe space for people with NDPH to find support, share ideas, rants, questions, etc.

In addition to this new communication platform, we strongly encourage you to continue engaging with other vital NDPH communities like the NDPH Support Group and New Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH)- Support for Patients

Some portions of this forum require login. This is done to provide more protection for discussions on more sensitive matters. To access areas where a login is required, click the sign-up button at the top right of the Clusterbusters forum home page.

We thank Clusterbusters, the organization that hosts this site, for partnering with NDPHaware and supporting our goals.

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We have 4 Topics for you to engage in:

NDPH General Board
(Guests can view) This is the board for general discussions about NDPH.

NDPH Psychedelic Discussion
(Login Required) Discussions about psychedelics for the treatment of NDPH.(for educational purposes)

NDPH Journeys
(Guests can view) Share your journey with NDPH and learn about others’ journeys.

NDPH Distractions
(Guests can view) Tell or show us the things you do to get through the days with NDPH: art, music, writings, hobbies, etc.