Our Vision

Welcome to NDPHaware and we’re glad you found your way to our blog. Our vision is for this blog to be an open access tool. We invite patients, doctors, researchers, and other headache community members to participate and share their insights, experiences, tips about living with NDPH, new developments, how you advocate for yourself and others, what things you do to distract yourself, funny stories, or whatever you feel the community would benefit from.

Of course we want to keep things positive and respectful. It’s also up to you how much of your personal information you want to share in your post. We will put links on our FB and Twitter pages to help everyone find their way to your post. Please email us at with your blog submission for review.

For a headache type with major challenges of diagnosis and treatment, it takes our community sharing information, supporting each other, and advancing research for us to make collective progress.

Living with NDPH is Like Driving a Stick Shift

As I was in the middle of a nasty pain spike, I started thinking about what it feels like to have New Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH). I was using my Ketamine spray, which after a few sprays spaced close together can make me extra introspective, and that’s when this...

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